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They consider themselves as a vehicle for new generations to learn about memorables Anglo and Spanish rock songs, while interpretating their own material. That is the proposal of Aerotomic, a band that remains convinced that Rock is the anti-establishment genre for excellence.

This independant band from the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, was born in 2011 as a duet formed by the brothers Rafa (voice and guitar) and David (DJ) Hernández, and later it would become a trio with the inclusion of Frankie Martínez (voice and drums) just a year later.

In its performances, Aerotomic offers a journey through the different eras of Rock, ranging from classics of English-speaking bands to the most representative rock bands in Spanish of recent decades, as well as inclunding songs of its own authorship.

Until the date, their repertoire is fueled by covers and original music, they say that Classic Rock, late 80´s Hard Rock and 90´s Grunge are their biggest influences. ‘We make music for pure pleasure and for the love of Rock´, affirm the members of the band, considering that this genre continues to be the most anti-establishment genre for excellence.

Aerotomic released their first original tracks on social media in mid-2013; however, after the health pandemic, they dedicated themselves to composing a lot of material that will be released soon.

Most of their performances have been at a local level in various forums and festivals, highlighting in 2018 their performance before a large audience at the Cumbre Tajín festival, which they described as a great challenge that successfully overcame.

Since its origin and to date, Aerotomic has remained in force among Veracruz Rock fans, playing in the main Rock forums of Xalapa, such as La Lola, La Ermita, la Tasca, Marshall, among others.

Aerotomic, regularly presents a tribute to Caifanes, one of the band that has most influenced them.

Aerotomic is our musical recommendation of the week, listen to its proposal through the frequencies of Radio Más.