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Caloncho, is presented in Xalapa with ´Buen Pez´ and good vibes

With his characteristic musical style that navigates between the happy and positive to the nostalgic and romantic, Caloncho spoiled his faithful Veracruz fans last weekend with songs from ´Buen Pez´, his most recent production and several of his hits at the Onix Party room in Xalapa.

The concert began sharply at 10:30 p.m. last Friday, after the performance of the openers Diego Marte, an emerging local band, and the northern singer-writer called Tigre Amarillo who, as a curious fact, was dressed in a singular costume of feline.

With the notes of All You Need Is Love by the Beatles, Caloncho took the stage in a rain of shouts and applause of a not very large but faithful attendance of true fans of the singer-songwriter from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

He performed the entirety of the songs of his new album ´Buen Pez´, beginning with ´Viaje Redondo´, followed at different times with the tracks ´Turistas´, ´Pasa el Tiempo´, ´Como Éramos Antes´, ´Naranja Morado´, ´Somos Instantes´, ´Luciérnagas´, ´Separarnos´, and one of the spoiled, ´Naranjita Si Carnal´.

´Palmar´, one of his already classics songs, was one of the most chanted along with ´Post Química´, ´Chupetazos´ and ´China Chula´, as well as others singles such as ´Bien del Puerco´ and ´Brillo Mío´. Although, actually the 24 songs on the night setlist were known to young audiences between 20 and 30 years of age.

It was a waste of positive energy during the two hours that the recital lasted, where the Sonoran musician mantained a special empathy with the fans, even at a brief moment he came down from the stage to greet them.

His performance closed with another of the songs that always transmit good vibes into the anttendees, this one is ´Optimista´. This moment was, by the way, his second visit to Xalapa since 2018, when he also delighted his fans with his Indie Pop full of Folk, Reggae and Cumbia.

Óscar Alfonso Castro Valenzuela –a.k.a. Caloncho- was presented the following Saturday at the Boca Forum in the Veracruz-Boca del Río metropolitan area, where he also received a very good response from the public.